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8/13/20 Hauling activities on Alpine not associated with 311 Mapleton

We have received several reports of haul trucks on Alpine, on days 311 Mapleton traffic is required to take Dellwood. 

Upon investigation, Saunders discovered another contractor in the area is hauling dirt right now, and they are using Alpine. The most information we have is that they're tandem dump trucks, coming from the 4th and Dewey area. 

Haul trucks sighted on Alpine Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, are more than likely not associated with the 311 Mapleton site during this time. There may be additional trucks on Alpine Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday that are associated with the other site, not 311 Mapleton, as well. 

Hauling from the 311 Mapleton site is still active, as mentioned in the 7/31 update, and running continuously, but with a lower volume of one to two trucks per day, so much less impactful than prior hauling.

Saunders has been firm in enforcing the required routes with our earthwork contractor, to which they have been adhering. 

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