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Paving Operation Rescheduled for Monday 9/21

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The paving operation initially scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 9/19, will now occur on Monday, 9/21. The road prep crew has not made enough progress and needs another day for compaction and grading before laying asphalt.  While another delay is not ideal, this change should alleviate the impact of weekend trucking through the neighborhood. Given the shift in schedule, equipment delivery will occur tomorrow. The original estimate of 5 semi-trucks remains valid, and a revised plan for the overall operation is listed below.  Asphalt Paving Operation Truck Estimations | Revised Schedule

  • Complete: Equipment delivery on Thursday morning ~ 5 semi-trucks

  • Equipment Delivery: Saturday 9/19 ~ 5 semi-trucks

  • Asphalt deliveries: Monday 9/21 ~ 90 tandem trucks throughout the day

All paving activity will take place within the site boundaries. Trucking will complete by 5 pm on Monday, but compaction will most likely have to continue on-site a little after 5 pm and will conclude no later than 7 pm. Trucks will follow the required routes per the Construction Management and Good Neighbor Plan.

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