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Monthly Development Update - January 2022

The 311 Mapleton Development team hopes everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Following feedback from neighbors, we will be rolling out a new communication system within the next month. This will be an open forum for the public to submit inquiries, receive answers from the development team, and have genuine, collaborative communication between all parties.

The system will also include updated answers to frequently asked questions and concerns, with further information on the vertical construction phase, project completion, et cetera. Notification will be sent to our subscriber list once the system is live.

January Milestones

New scopes will be starting in the month of January:

  • Brick Veneer – 1/3/22

  • Skylights – 1/10/22

  • Elevator Installation – 1/7/22

  • Insulation & Drywall – 1/24/22

  • Fireplace Installation – 1/5/22

Trucking Impacts

  • Wood Framing | Approximately 6 trucks per week*

  • Roofing Material | Approximately 3 truck per week*

  • Insulation & Drywall | Approximately 3 trucks per week*

  • Brick Veneer | Approximately 6 trucks per week*

  • Steel | Approximately 1 trucks per week*

  • MEPF Rough-in Material | Approximately 4 trucks per week*

  • Doors & Windows | Approximately 1 truck per week*

  • Fireplaces | Approximately 2 trucks per week*

  • Concrete Pour Dates | Approximately 2-10 trucks per day outside of dates noted below:

- Foundation wall pours. The site will see more concrete trucks than average these days but less than a scheduled "large pour" day.



Large slab pour dates that will range from 40 to 80 delivery trucks:

1/20/22 – A-West Level 1 Slab on Grade*

1/21/22 – A-West Suspended Slab Pour*

Calendar view of construction activities, including estimated truck numbers linked here. Dates are subject to change pending weather/other real-world variables. If dates change, the original will have a strikethrough. The new date will be shown after and updated on the monthly development article + construction calendar. Thus far, changes have been minor in the overall scheme of things, and we'll continue putting our best efforts toward maintaining that goal.

Trucking impacts with the * asterisk are semi-truck-sized vehicles, or considered to be heavy impact deliveries, and are required to use the dedicated Dellwood and Alpine routes through the project's duration. All other vehicles will use the best available public roads. Related truck routing articles:

In Progress Milestones from Previous Month(s)

  • MEPF Rough-In - 10/4/21

  • Fiber Cement Board – 12/20/21

  • Doors & Windows – 12/20/21

  • Exterior Skin Activities – 10/18/21

  • Wood Framing at All Buildings – 10/1/21

  • Cold Formed Metal Framing – 10/18/21

  • Structural Steel – 10/1/21

  • Roofing - 11/10/21

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