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Monthly Development Update - May 2021

Vertical building construction is commencing at the 311 Mapleton site.

In an effort to provide our neighbors surrounding the project with a clear picture of construction activities and any subsequent impacts, monthly construction updates will be issued approximately one week before the 1st of each month during this phase. These updates will include details on current trades/activities occurring on-site, milestones, and a comprehensive trucking impact schedule.

Dates are subject to change pending weather or other events that may cause delays. If dates change, the original will have a strikethrough. The new date will be shown after the original and updated on the monthly update article and construction calendar.

May 2021


  • April 26th – Commencement of Building Construction

  • Site security is active – Boulder Police will be dispatched with any trespassers.

General Construction Activity

  • Underground Building Utilities

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Foundation Waterproofing

  • Backfill of Foundations

Trucking Impacts

  • Reinforcing Steel for Concrete – Approximately 1 truck per day

  • Concrete Forms – Approximately 1 to 2 trucks per week

  • Underground Utilities – Approximately 1 to 2 trucks per week

  • Concrete Pour Dates – Approximately 1-4 trucks per date unless noted otherwise— first pour date 4/30/21.

*Semi-truck-sized vehicles and heavy impact deliveries associated with the 311 Mapleton development are required to use Dellwood and Alpine routes through the project's duration. All smaller trucks will use the best available public roads.

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Calendar view of construction activities linked here.


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