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311 Mapleton Development Newsletter 1

As good neighbors, our goal is to keep you as informed as possible on the various stages of development on the 311 Mapleton site. Newsletters will be sent periodically as progress occurs on the site.

Over the past four years we opted to honor the surrounding community's use of passage through the property by keeping the site open, and we intend to do so once again after construction is complete. Trail access through the Dakota Ridge Trail will remain open throughout construction.  

For public safety, a construction fence will be erected around most of the site on November 5th. At this time the property will be closed to the public as we prepare for the preliminary stages of redevelopment. The fence may be relocated from time to time to accommodate various phases of work and it will remain in place until construction activities conclude. Preliminary demolition work is expected to begin in November and December 2018, with full scale demolition expected to begin early next year.

A public meeting will be scheduled prior to full scale demolition to provide insight on the development timeline. Details to follow soon.

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