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Hauling And Utility Update + Updated Construction Management And Good Neighbor Plan

Hauling and Utility Installation Update 

The construction team is currently working on the excavation and utility infrastructure phase of the project. We are approximately 70% complete with dirt removal from the site, which means in the next two to three weeks, there should be a reduction of haul trucks going through the neighborhood. The utility installation work will be contained within the site for the next few weeks. Upcoming utility work in July will involve a partial road closure on Mapleton Avenue for approximately two weeks. The 4th Street utility install coordination with the City of Boulder and Xcel Energy is not currently scheduled in the immediate future due to unforeseen conditions. We will keep everyone informed as the plan progresses.

Updated Construction Management and Good Neighbor Plan

The previous version of the Construction Management and Good Neighbor Plan focused on demolition activities. In connection with the completion of current excavation activities, we have posted an update containing concise details on the project's construction phase. The updated plan provides a clear picture of infrastructure and construction logistics and demonstrates the measures in place to minimize impacts. The plan can be viewed on our development website.

Truck Routing  The City of Boulder has clarified their restriction of Dellwood and Alpine being the only streets for allowed for semi-trucks. Semi-sized trucks used for deliveries and export will continue to be required to take the current routes of Alpine and Dellwood, as described in the semi-truck routing plan, for the duration of the project. All smaller trucks will use the best available public road. As mentioned above, there will be a noticeable reduction in trucking after mid to end of July. 

Knowledge Base We've created the 311 Mapleton Knowledge Base, which contains support articles covering all aspects of the project, and answers to frequently asked questions. The 311 Mapleton Development project team will begin posting weekly progress updates and upcoming activities on and around the site in the Knowledge Base to keep the neighborhood informed. Please submit a request on the website with any questions. 

Email newsletters will continue to be sent to inform the public of any crucial information, coinciding with The Knowledge Base.  

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