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311 Mapleton Development Newsletter 2

As part of the redevelopment of the 311 Mapleton site, asbestos abatement of the existing structures will be required prior to the demolition of the buildings. To determine what type of asbestos and which buildings asbestos was located in, Banyan Environmental completed an extensive asbestos inspection in accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Commission Regulation No. 8 Part B – Asbestos.  

The results of the asbestos inspections were used to develop an asbestos abatement scope of work, which identified the abatement of asbestos to be removed from the buildings prior to demolition. Earth Services Abatement, Inc. (ESA), a certified General Abatement Contractor with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has now been retained to complete the asbestos abatement. During the asbestos abatement activities, areas of the buildings on the property may be covered in plastic sheeting and/or plastic sheeting will be used to build barriers in windows and doors. Asbestos abatement work areas will be posted with proper health and safety signage. 

During the asbestos abatement, you may observe storage containers on the property which will be used to temporarily store asbestos waste prior to proper offsite disposal. The containers will be secured by the General Abatement Contractor and signage as used to define the work areas will be attached to the waste containers. 

LT Environmental, Inc., a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment certified asbestos consulting firm, has been retained to verify the work conducted by the General Abatement Contractor is completed in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Upon completion of abatement within a particular area of the buildings, LT Environmental, Inc. will conduct a visual inspection of an abatement work area to verify there is no visible regulated asbestos-containing material present. Following the visual inspection, an LT Environmental, Inc., air monitoring specialist will collect air samples from the abatement work area to confirm the airborne asbestos concentrations are less than the maximum allowable asbestos level.  Finally, after all regulated asbestos-containing materials from the buildings have been removed, a Colorado Certified Asbestos Building Inspector will sign-off on each building certifying that the buildings are free of asbestos containing material.

Asbestos abatement will begin February 4th 2019, and is estimated to take three months to complete. Earth Services Abatement, Inc. anticipates approximately 50 truck loads of material to be removed from the site, with one truck exiting the site every other day. 

A public meeting hosted by the ownership group and construction team will be held prior to the demolition of any structures. Date and location information to follow soon. 

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