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3/21/21 Development Update

Telecom relocations for the 311 Mapleton development will take place this week and the following week. The closure of 4th Street is not anticipated since boring will occur in the alley between Concord and Maxwell. If it becomes necessary, there will likely be a partial closure of 4th Street with one-way traffic control.

Work schedules for the different providers are listed below.


Start date: 3/22/21

Completion date: 3/24/21 - 3/26/21 pending weather delays


Start date: 3/29/21

Completion date: 3/31/21 - 4/2/21 pending weather delays

Xcel Energy will perform utility relocations in the next month or two. The start date for this work is pending, and once determined, we will post a notification with the details.

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