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2/12/20 Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who joined us for the Neighborhood Meeting on February 12th! Some important updates were discussed, and a summary is listed below for those who were unable to attend.

Demolition Update

There have been some delays due to weather, truck routing etc. Demolition is now anticipated to be complete by mid-March. Demolition of 2505 4th Street is included in this scope.


Revised Truck Routing Plan

  • The 4th to Pine route was determined to be unsuitable for truck routing.

  • Demolition hauling was halted on several occasions due to Pine not being an option.

  • The development team has been in communication with The City to determine alternate routes, and the only viable options were Mapleton to 6th to Pine, or Mapleton to 9th. The Mapleton to 6th to Pine route was used a few days in place of the 4th to Pine route to determine if it was suitable. 

  • Although the development team found Mapleton to 6th to Pine to be a suitable route, The City has requested that the third route be eliminated, and the load be split between Alpine and Dellwood. New routes will be:        Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 4th to Alpine to Broadway        Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4th to Dellwood, 9th to Balsam

  • There will be trucking on Saturday during the construction phase of the project for material deliveries etc.

The development team will work to have trucks follow these routes to the best of their ability, but as previously stated, it’s not going to be perfect. For example, Dellwood wasn’t adequately plowed during the last snow, so Alpine was the only safe route available. The development team desires to finish this project as quickly as possible, so trucks will be routed to the best available route in certain instances.

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