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10/23/20 Hauling + Development Update

The estimated completion date for current hauling and excavation is now the first week of November. This extension is due to eight days of no hauling from 9/28 - 10/7, continued difficulties with dense rock in this phase's last excavation pit, and factoring in upcoming weather delays. 

The hope was for this phase of hauling to conclude sooner, but construction has many variables and, therefore, subject to a level of unpredictability. Unfortunately, the circumstances at hand have provided a different outcome. Every effort will be made to complete this phase as early in the week of 11/2 as possible, pending the effect of weather delays. 

  • 9/28 to 10/7: There was no hauling. All operations were maintained interior to the site, focusing on digging in this phase's last excavation pit, with materials stockpiled for eventual removal.

  • 8-10 trucks per day round-tripping dirt/rock off-site through completion.

  • Due to the arrival of cold weather and snow within the next week, the earthwork subcontractor will lose a couple of days' work. Hauling will not be active on weather days. 

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